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Daniel kissing Ahkilah in front of wall filled with framed artwork

Ahkilah + Danny


An intimate affair in NYC

The happy couple met through Danny’s cousin eight years ago when Danny was in business school. Although each points out slightly different details about how the relationship evolved, one thing is clear: They were both smitten from the get-go. Ahkilah reveals, “After our first date, I was hooked. From then on, I wanted to spend all of my time with him.” Danny says, “I knew I wanted to marry her very early on in our relationship. I just needed time to figure out a plan.” They got engaged on their two-year anniversary during a ski weekend in Vermont. Since they met and fell in love in NYC, it only made sense to get married there, too. They loved Eventi’s outdoor space and the city serving as the backdrop. The ceremony space was small—ideal for an intimate wedding in which they could truly “feel the love.”

Memorable Details

Danny began the wedding morning over breakfast with his brother and best man, David. More joined their party as they spent the day joking, listening to music and getting dressed.  (Danny accidentally dropped in on Ahkilah by visiting the Bridal Suite to get a cord for his Sonos!) Ahkilah passed the morning getting ready with her best friends—around town and then back at the suite. Just before the wedding, her aunt and godmother joined the group to help Ahkilah get into her dress.

“We are so glad that we chose Eventi, and we would like to make it back on our anniversary every year!”

Highlights included a fun billboard, “perfect” reception food and a location near Penn Station, incredibly convenient for out-of-town guests. 

The couple describes their rooftop wedding as “minimalist.” They kept the ceremony very small, only including their closest friends and family. They stuck to a rule, they explain: They could only invite folks who both members of the couple had met prior to the wedding. 

The reception in the Eventi Ballroom helped complete the “wonderful evening.” The room was marked by white linen and white flowers by Superior Florist. The couple joyfully sums it up saying that they spent the night “laughing, dancing and enjoying great food.”