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Times Square during nighttime with large crowds in the streets between tall buildings

Comfortably Close to
Nonstop Revelry


Times Square hotels can't compete with Kimpton Hotel Eventi

There's no place more iconic than Times Square: the urban pulse of neon flashing, yellow taxis honking, 300,000 human beings filling the streets every single day. Times Square is thrilling. It's electric. It's alive. And it's less than a mile from our front door.

So take a selfie at one of the world's most famous intersections; shop till you drop a significant amount of cash; sip martinis in a jazz club. And don't forget that little thing called Broadway. Times Square gives you full permission to get your tourist on. We won't judge. If you do want some insider tips, just ask. (Here's one: visit Drama Book Shop, a bookstore devoted to the dramatic arts and so important to the theater community that it actually won its own Tony award.)

When you've exhausted the Times Square fun, come back to Kimpton Hotel Eventi and clink glasses with us at our wine hour, every evening in our newly renovated living room lobby.