Stretch, Sweat, Run, Breathe


Work out your stress at our fitness center

Want to hold on to your healthy habits, even while you're on the road? Not only do we admire your dedication, we offer you 1,000-square-feet of space to work out. Our fitness center includes everything you'd expect in state-of-the-art equipment — elliptical machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, chest press, lat pulldown, dumbbells, balance balls and more. There's also room to stretch and pose to the half moon and back.

And that's just indoors. When weather cooperates on Saturday mornings, we offer an instructor-led fitness class on The Veranda, featuring a CoreSentrik wellness class that combines the focus, flexibility and balance of yoga with the ab work, alignment and breath control of pilates. Rather hop on a real bike and cruise around town? Here's a map of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, for your pedaling pleasure.